Q&A with an InboxBrain User: Digital Marketer

Q1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your position?

A1. I’m Max Stevens and I work as a digital marketer in the online advertising industry. As a sales professional with compensation tied to commission I’m always looking for innovative ways to increase my productivity and output.

Using InboxBrain I landed 45 new clients and generated an additional 70k commission from a tool that costs less than $500 per year. Exactly what I was looking for.

Q2. Why did you start using InboxBrain?

A2. I’m a digital marketer who works with clients all over the world. About 85% of my client base is in Europe and Asia meaning I don’t usually hope on a call, all communication is done via email. I’m not great at following up on email, I usually forget or get side tracked and when I remember to send that second email it’s often too late as my prospect has moved on. I needed a tool to do it all for me.

it looks like about 45 new clients and about $70k commission can be attributed to InboxBrain

I thought if I could take care of the entire email sequence I could focus on other channels like instant messaging and prospecting through LinkedIn and other social networks.

Q3. How did you find InboxBrain?

A3.I was reading up on how to increase productivity at work and how to optimize my sales process and came across a few reviews of InboxBrain and started the free trial. Haven’t looked back since.

Q4. How long have you been using InboxBrain?

A4. I’ve been using your product for 9 months now.

Q5. What’s your favourite feature of the software?

A5. Number one has to be the email automation. I craft the first email and after that it’s all on auto pilot. I don’t have to worry about sending another email if I don’t get a reply. That saves me time, energy and most importantly stress. If someone doesn’t reply after the 6th or 7th email I know that I need to do one of two things: move on or contact them through another medium.

Creating a custom email sequence has been amazing. At first I was using the default template which worked surprisingly well but after spending some time optimizing and personalizing my follow-up sequences my reply rate has increased dramatically.

In my experience, the average number of emails to get a reply to a cold lead is about 4 (initial email + 3 follow ups). Not having to plan or manually send 3 additional emails to each prospect has been remarkable.

Q6. Before IB, what was your routine for following up with leads and existing clients?

A6. Before using InboxBrain I would try to remember to follow up manually. I keep a legal pad on my desk and I would just write a note to email X on X date if no reply. Pretty inefficient. I wonder how many potential client and commission I missed out on because of that? Probably a lot. Best not to think about it.

Q7. Since you mentioned commission, can you quantify how much Inbox Brain has helped you earn, if anything?

A7. Well, I’ve been using it for about 9 months now and if I look at my new clients during that period whom I received a reply from through the email sequence it looks like about 45 new clients and about $70k commission can be attributed to them. Wow. I’ve never actually looked at the dollar value attached to this tool. Ultimately IB has earned me seventy thousand in commission so far. That’s actually insane.

Q8. Do you prefer to pay monthly or yearly for your subscription?

A8. After my trial I went month to month for a while because I didn’t want to commit for the 12 months. After about 2 months and probably 13 new clients, I realized how great this tool is and bought the annual subscription. In hindsight I should have done it sooner because of the discount for paying up front.

Just look at my previous answer, $70k commission has been generated from a tool that costs less than $500. Anyone can see that that is clear value.

Q9. Apart from digital marketers, who do you think can benefit from using InboxBrain?

A9. Freelancers for sure. Anyone who has commission attached to their compensation would benefit from inbox brain. I can see it being really helpful for realtors as they’re 100% commission.

Max Stevens – Business Development Manager / Digital Marketing

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