Affiliate Tracking Software Built for Scale

Setup, automate and scale your Partner Marketing in real-time.


Connect, Manage and Optimize your program

Industry leading campaign management and granular reporting to effectively grow your program. Built in security and fraud prevention to protect your program and brand in real time.


Automate your program to maximize revenue for your affiliates

Built in auto optimizations on an affiliate level that send your partner’s traffic to the best converting offer within a campaign in real time in order to maximize every click they generate. Additional monetization methods that increase revenue for affiliates and profitability for your program.

Why PartnerLaunch is so popular

Auto Optimization

Stop manually managing campaigns and let our campaign auto optimizer do the work.

Granular Stats

Advanced granular data give you the power to maximize revenue for your affiliates and your program.

Sub Affiliate Level Optimizations

Setting up multiple affiliate accounts for the same affiliate is tiring. We’ve solve this with built in sub affiliate level optimizations within campaigns to customize payout rates, access to campaigns as well as other features for your program.

Connect Prelanders to an offer within a Campaign

Tired of jumping through hoops to have a prelander before your opt in or sales page? We’ve solved that issue with our all in one solution.

Smart Links

Build and manage a campaign with thousands of combinations of graduate data points to pair the right offer with the right data point and optimize it automatically.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Industry leading fraud prevention that stops fraud in real time and protects your brand.

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